A Friend’s Comment

I got an email from a close friend in Tennessee that said:

“I think if we live our life and don’t change our views over time, hopefully toward more correct, we are waisting our life. I suppose even if we become more incorrect, while trying to become more correct, then that is still better than not even trying to find out the truth.
Its hard though because the tendency is to search for proof of what we already think instead of just looking for the truth. 
I like that saying, ‘whatever there be that truth can destroy, it should.'”

I replied:

Well put.
Isn’t it curious how we adopt ideas like they are part of our anatomy and then refuse to give them up.  It’s like the ideas are more painful to change than cutting off a finger.  That’s quite strange when you think about it.  Ideas should be welcome when they come and welcome when they are replaced by something better.
Imagine if nature didn’t respond to changing demands.  Imagine if after a forest fire the birds refused to look somewhere else for seeds.  Everything adapts, except for the human mind in many people once we get past about 25 years old.  Then we think we know enough to keep holding onto the same tired ideas, even when they fail us in life.  We remain “devout” to the errors.