Ill-Prepared Readers

It is apparent from comments there are many who have been studying their scriptures and who can benefit from this blog. Their diligence has prepared their minds and their hearts.

It is also apparent that some who read are ill-prepared for the content here. This material is more confusing than edifying. They should turn off their computers and take up their scriptures. They should spend their time studying the scriptures and not devote any more time to this blog. It will not do such readers any good at all.

If this edifies you, then you belong here. If you are confused, then study scripture and leave this site alone. The process of developing understanding begins with the scriptures. No matter how much you believe you understand, the scriptures will always have language that can be adapted to set out the truth. The difference between seeing what is there and being blind to the words of prophecy consists primarily in how diligent you have been in preparing your mind through study of scripture. Do that first.

For the ill-prepared, I apologize for being unclear. However, I cannot discuss some topics in any other way. Therefore, I cannot make it clear to you. You will have to search through these things yourself. But if you are sincere, the Lord will help you get there. You must take the scriptures seriously. They will tell you how to lay down your prejudices, ignorance, traditions and errors, and repent. Repenting is to turn and face God. Until you face Him, the direction you are headed will never bring you to understanding.