Answer to Michael

Michael: I would be baptized were I you. The church has a commission from the Lord to offer that ordinance to whoever will receive it. If you receive it in faith, you will be benefitted for having done so. The church is where I worship, fellowship, serve and raise my kids. It is a great blessing. It would be wonderful to share fellowship with you in the church.

The Lord has never told me He has abandoned the church, nor do I expect Him to do so.  I pray for the church, and do what I can to benefit and advance it. I believe I have obligations I owe to her, and I intend to fulfill those obligations.

Having a realistic view of the church’s many failings should not make you turn from it or become bitter toward it. Rather, it should allow you to serve with a renewed dedication in doing what you can that is right. You can be a great example by your service and dedication to the church inspite of what may or may not be wrong with the organization.

On the Internet and in books I’ve written, I address issues which those searching for answers would be interested in reading. Inside my ward and stake, I am quite content to leave the teaching to those called to teach, the presiding to those called to preside, and the conversations undisturbed by anything negative or challenging from me. I recommend that course because you needn’t do more that serve faithfully to influence others. Until they ask, you needn’t say a thing.

My ward and stake are remarkable. There are many very admirable acts of service and devotion going on among these faithful members I am privileged to live among. I hope when you join, the ward you enter will be full of similarly faithful members. But if not, take what good they share, and continue your own search. It is an individual religion in any event, and you can’t be hindered by others.