The Power of God’s Word

I’ve been reflecting on the power of God’s word. It is so remarkable a source of power that Christ was called the Word of God, because He embodies the Father’s will so completely. (John 1:1.)
God’s word alone is what ordains to Melchizedek Priesthood. See JST Genesis 14:27-29. “It was delivered unto men by the calling of his own voice…”
God’s word alone conferred sealing authority upon Nephi. Helaman 10:3, Helaman 10: 5-10.
God’s word along conferred the sealing authority upon Joseph Smith. D&C 132:46.
God’s word is the only constant, which will never fail, whether He speaks it or He authorizes someone else to speak it, it is the same. D&C 1:38.
In a very real sense, the power of the priesthood consists in obtaining God’s word. For when He will answer you it is possible to have His word on all things. D&C 132:45 (for Joseph); D&C 124:95 (for Hyrum); Helaman 10: 5 (for Nephi).
Those who have God’s word know how to proceed in all things. Those who do not are always uncertain what they should do and what their standing is before Him.