Friday October 14th

I’ve previously posted notice here about the events on Friday of this week. There is the Sacred Geometry event (see below) and the Benchmark Books event where Terryl Givens will speak. But I have not mentioned that I will be speaking at Confetti Books in Spanish Fork.

I do not like to speak at events, and generally decline to do so. However, I owe a debt of gratitude to Confetti Books because they have carried all of my books for years. They have asked me to come and I have finally agreed to do so.

Confetti Books is located on Main Street in Spanish Fork, Utah. They have a remarkable bookstore, and carry many titles which are difficult to locate. If you have not visited their store, you should take a look at their diverse collection of LDS books.

I am speaking from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Friday evening. I’d like to see some of you take the time to shop at Confetti beforehand (they are open until 6:00) and then join us at the evening talk. It is likely the talk will be recorded, and if so then copies will be made available at some point.

Finally, let me add, I am not being paid for this event, nor would I accept any payment for doing it. If it is recorded, and copies are sold by those who take the trouble to accomplish it, any payment which would go to me will be donated to the missionary program of the LDS Church. I have always refused to accept payment for such things.

I want to extend a particular invitation to those who believe I am “an apostate” to come and listen. It will improve your capacity to judge me if you take the time to listen to something I have to say. I do not intend to change your mind, but rather I want to equip you to make a more sound judgment.