I have finished what I needed to cover

I have finished what I needed to cover.
This blog will become a book. As it gets into final form I may add a few things from 3rd Nephi that haven’t been covered here. When it’s out, I’ll let you know.
There is another book completely unrelated to this blog I need to begin to work on. I need the time I have spent on this to turn to that instead.

When I’ve finished the next book I’ll make it a point to include news of that here. I’m going to leave this up, and will add to it from time to time. In the event I have something to say, I will post here. Check back occasionally.

Here’s an important closing thought – its seems Youkilis, Pedroia and Ellsbury are all recovering nicely. The Red Sox have resigned Ortiz, and will be a force to reckon with again next year (barring injuries). I have to say, however, that the AL East was altogether a playoff disappointment. I get why the BoSox were out of it, but the Rays and Yankees were a complete disappointment. I was hoping the Rangers would win, but I’m good with SF Giants.