CD Talks available

There are a couple of talks I gave in the past that were digitally recorded. They have been sold in the past for (as I recall) $10.00 apiece. The proceeds from those sales were donated to a shelter for abused girls in Utah.

The recordings are still available. They are not charging anything for the copies, but are asking that donations be made. There are costs associated with producing and mailing the copies, so some donation is appreciated to be fair to those providing them. Any donation you make that exceeds the costs to reproduce and mail them will be used to support the missionary effort of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Below are descriptions of the two recordings:
Denver Snuffer, One CD:   Zion Symposium Talk, 4 Nephi, given February 23, 2008
Denver Snuffer, Three CDs:   Christ’s Discourse on the Road to Emmaus, given April 14, 2007
Cost:  Donation 
For orders email:  [email protected] 
While I own the copyright for these materials, all the money raised in selling them has been donated. None of the donations will be given to me, nor have any ever been given to me. 
If you choose to make a donation, the money will go to those who will take the order, process your donation, and return anything above production costs to the missionary effort. Other than giving the talks and making this announcement, I am not involved in any other capacity. 
The second recording (3 CDs) is a talk that became the appendix in Eighteen Verses.  There are some differences between the recorded talk and the published appendix.
Anyone interested can contact the email address shown above to get a copy. Please do not contact me or the comment moderator.  I am only making the announcement.