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6: Repentance

What is repentance? What do I need to repent of? How do I repent and what happens when I do?

Today Denver addresses the reality of repentance and what it is and what is required with clarity and simplicity. What if repentance is related to the acquisition of intelligence? Or in other words, light and truth. What if repentance requires us to worship Christ by making a living sacrifice by ministering to others with love and compassion? Or in other words, to be more like Him in word, thought and deed.


QUESTION: What is repentance, what do I need to repent of, how do I repent, and what happens when I do?

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5: Faith

What is faith? How does one exercise faith, even great faith?

Today Denver teaches from the oft overlooked Lectures on Faith as well as bearing witness of the role of faith. Faith must be grounded in God and nothing else. Faith motivates you to act and produces power when you act.


QUESTION: What is faith, and how do we exercise great faith?

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4: Contradicting Joseph

The documents, words and revelations given by and through ancient prophets up through Joseph Smith are to be read, heeded and valued per God’s own words. But, can anyone, including a modern prophet, church leader or president contradict and change what Joseph Smith said, taught and revealed?

Today, using the words and revelations of God, Denver reminds us how important it is to pay heed to what Joseph Smith gave the world.


QUESTION: Can the words of a modern or current Prophet or Church President supersede or contradict the words of a previous prophet, in particular Joseph Smith?

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3: Who is Christ?

Who is Christ? What are His attributes?

Today’s discussion addresses the standard of salvation, what a saved being is and Christ as the prototype for all men. Denver shares first-hand testimony of Christ, who is real, who lives and who is approachable by everyone!


QUESTION:  As one who knows Christ, how would you describe Him?

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2: Fellowship Diversity

As Christian fellowships are formed they all seem to be very different. In what ways should they be similar and in what ways is it okay for them to be diverse?

In this podcast Denver addresses the importance of community within Christian worship.


QUESTION: As Christian fellowships are formed, they all seem to be very different. In what ways should they be similar, and in what ways is it OK for them to be diverse?

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1: Gethsemane

What is the significance of what Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane?

In this podcast, Denver answers this question, and gives his eye-witness account of the events that day.


QUESTION: What is the significance of what Christ went through in the Garden of Gethsemane? What follows is Denver’s eyewitness description, not only of what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane, but also what those events mean to you and me.

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