Why wait?

The question was asked as to whether receiving the Second Comforter is necessary before you die, or if the afterlife supplies an adequate substitute.  This requires the evaluation of two separate concepts.
First, the Second Comforter means a visit or personal appearance to someone by Christ.  However, the appearance is not as important as the ministry of the Lord.  He “comforts” those to whom He appears.  He will “not leave you comfortless, he will come to you.”  (John 14: 18.)  Christ and His Father will “make their abode with you.” (John 14: 23.)  Meaning that the Son will bring you to the Father, and the Father will receive you as His son.  This appearance is not merely “in the heart,” but is an actual appearance or visit.  (D&C 130: 3.)
However, the purpose of the ministry, the reason for the “abode” with you, the “comfort” that is promised by the Lord, involves the promise of eternal life.  The promise of eternal life has been made an equivalency by the Lord in a revelation given in modern times.  That is, the end or result of the ministry of Christ as the Second Comforter is to have the promise of eternal life.  In a modern revelation the word of the Lord was given to a group of Latter-day Saints in which the promise of their exaltation was extended to them, and the Lord made this the equivalent to “another Comforter.”  
Here is what was said:

“Wherefore, I now send upon you another Comforter, even upon you my friends, that it may abide in your hearts, even the Holy Spirit of promise; which other Comforter is the same that I promised unto my disciples, as is recorded in the testimony of John. This Comforter is the promise which I give unto you of eternal life, even the glory of the celestial kingdom; Which glory is that of the church of the Firstborn, even of God, the holiest of all, through Jesus Christ his Son— .”  (D&C 88: 3-5.)

Therefore, as a singular appearance, should the Lord appear to you, you have received the Second Comforter.  However, His ministry is to bring you to the point at which you can receive the promise of eternal life, membership in the Church of the Firstborn, and the promise of the Celestial Kingdom as your eternal inheritance.  In the fullest sense, therefore, the final promise of exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom can also be called the Second Comforter, since that is the result of His taking up His abode with you.

The second concept is really a question: Would it be preferable to have the promise of eternal life now than to die uncertain as to your eternal state?  If so, then why would you waste your life now in hopes that some other opportunity may exist at some other stage?  
If the answer to these questions are “yes” then the original question is simply unimportant. Why wait? The opportunity given to you now should not be forfeited, nor should the work be delayed.  Don’t dismiss the Lord’s offered assistance for what you can achieve in mortality for the possibility of something in the after-life.

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  1. Can you comment on the definition and usage of such terms as salvation, redemption, eternal life, exaltation, and exaltations in the context of the Second Comforter? Thanks.

  2. The verses in Section 88 that you quote have been very puzzling to us. The revelation does indeed make equivalencies, equivalencies between “another Comforter” AND “the Holy Spirit of Promise”.

    There appears to be a contradiction in what we have been taught on this subject. Most of “The Brethren” state the Holy Spirit of Promise is the Holy Ghost in one of his roles. You appear to be saying that it is the Lord himself, or possibly ‘the Promise’ itself given by the Lord in ‘another’, not the initial Second Comforter visit.

    Is there any way to harmonize the two definitions or should I just toss out my copy of Doctrines of Salvation?

    the Platt brothers

  3. What about our loved ones who were active members of the church, but have died without experiencing this in mortality. Is eternal life still available for them?

  4. I think the definition is provided in this equivalency. I find the scriptures have more answers in them than most people recognize. They are the standard against which all teaching ought to be measured. Only when they fail to give an answer should we be looking elsewhere.

    As to dying without the experience, I would not be too hasty about concluding that was the case. Stephen had the experience in the last few moments of his life. Alvin (Joseph’s older brother) as well seemed to have. The conditions in “The Second Comforter” include the obligation to keep what is sacred to yourself, and if someone is unable to do that they would need to wait until they are ready to part this life. Which then leads me to another complaint I have about those who think they know what I have written before ever reading it. There are nine words in “The Second Comforter” about my experience. Nothing other than confirming I have seen Him is there. I’ve never failed to keep a trust or confidence with the Lord. I’ve been constrained to teach, and have done so despite my deepest apprehensions about all the misunderstanding which will follow. It is a burden, not a blessing, to be in this position. I do not blame anyone for disbelieving what I say. I doubt I would trust someone who is teaching as I do. But I do so because of a burden imposed upon me, and faith in the Lord whose I am.

    That was an aside. Sorry about that. Here’s the two points: First, you do not know what your departed relatives did or did not receive. Second, the judgment is based not merely on what you did, but what you intended or would have done had the opportunities been afforded to you. Such a standard makes it impossible for us to know. This post is suggesting that there is no reason to hesitate or refuse to make the attempt.

    There will be another post in a few days (maybe tomorrow–that’s up to my wife) which talks about the patience to trust timing to the Lord.

  5. Denver, I just wanted to respond to your words about your burden, above. First I need to explain a little. A few months ago I had a thought, or question come to me about the second comforter, being sealed to the Lord, etc. I was reading my scriptures and started to cross reference everything I could find on the subject.

    I have known of the concept, but never really understood it to be something to do with little ol me, and “unimportant memeber of the church”. Yet the thought came to me and would not leave, so I started searching for more understanding.

    I had heard of your book The Second Comforter, once several months ago, but did not know anything about it. Then a month or so ago an indiviual I know strongly recommeded it to me, out of the blue. We were not discussing the subject, but he had a copy on his desk and just grabbed it and put it into my hands and started to talk about it with a lot of excitement.
    So I went out and bought my own copy. I began reading it with a prayful heart because I don’t want to be decieved or sidetracked and waste my time.

    Reading your book has been an amazing experience for me. I read it with my scriptures open next to me. My mind has been opened up to places and thoughts I never even knew possible. So many things you explain have answered very personel questions for me. I just want to thank you for your efforts. I know you are doing the Lords work. Everything in your book is truth. It can all be measured against truth, and withstand it, because truth is eternal.

    I can look back and see that I have been set on a course. I hope that I am up to it. I have to trust the Lord and keep moving forward with it, how can I do otherwise. Anyway I just want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts.

  6. Denver, I would love to see a post on your thoughts or ideas on just who can hold the priesthood and sealing keys, if only the First Presidency is over all the sealing keys given to man on the earth, or if the Lord can commission others with authority without the knowledge of the current leadership, etc. Yes, I am referring to celestial marriage in full, consecration, justly administering and teaching ALL of the gospel and it’s ordinances… including 2nd Anointings (ordaining Kings and Priest with sealing power), Law of Adoption, teaching others to open the heavens via true order of prayer, etc.
    Seems to me that the Lord may need to have a remnant of LDS amoung the lay members redeem zion??? How will the “drunkards of Ephraim” sober up?
    Having a good knowledge of all of the restored gospel, do I just don’t worry about living ALL of the gospel and the Lord will be ok with the fact that I would live all of it if it were possible? You posted once that the decisions and condemnation of the early saints doesn’t have to damn us today. How do we live all of the gospel when our heads don’t even want to? How can we attain the highest celestial level without being able to fulfill the celestial laws/ordinances/lifestyle formerly restored for this last dispensation that we no longer live and most saints obhor? I don’t expect you to post this or the exact answers, but a reply to my email and/or a generic public post would be great:) mikeonline25@yahoo.com

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