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The content of this blog presumes you are already familiar with Denver Snuffer’s books. Careful explanations given in the books lay the foundation for what is contained here. If you read this blog without having first read his books, then you assume responsibility for your own misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the writer’s intent. Please do not presume to judge Mr. Snuffer’s intentions from a single blog post if you have not first read his books.  His ideas and beliefs are not fully laid out in a four paragraph post on a blog.

2 thoughts on “Just a reminder – posted by the comment moderator (goddess)

  1. I have read your books. As I ponder them and the things I learn in the temple, it becomes evident that the endowment is teaching us about what the Lord would have us do now- not at some future time. Reading Nephi’s intruction about prayer, after one has entered in “the way”, seems to confirm this idea. I want to proceed, but I also want to avoid the extremely negative outcomes that some have had. How can I move forward safely; how, in this process, do I walk before I run?
    Thanks very much for all you do.

  2. Isn’t it much easier (yawn) to shift our responsibility as one of the blind to be led into a ditch, saying it is the blind guides fault, rather than being one who seeks “that all the LORD’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his spirit upon them!” that they have power to do “greater works?”

    Isn’t it easier NOT to take responsibility for one’s own exaltation by being led as sheep without a shepherd to be scattered and hunted as prey until there be few left who will hear His (the Shepherd’s) voice and obey His word; than standing alone to be accused of men for lacking faith and being on the high road to apostasy?

    Alas, there is a great awakening happening for those who are “listening” as active and inactive, members and non-members, which is causing others to arise out of their deep sleep. It will not be too much longer until the involuntary humbling (purifications) gets underway and those awake will arise and those who are asleep will be… well, they are not a part of the solution now anyway are they?

    Should we not be about and doing, looking for those who hear His voice, providing them hope of His ministry that their hearts fail them not, rather than being caught up in perceptions and dogma? If we have the tools, what good are they if we don’t make the application?

    There is always a price. But, it is a price that the Lord sets and has to that which is most precious to us. Trust in Him, not in your fears.

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