The Kingdom of Heaven contrasted with Hell

It is a misnomer to speak of the “kingdom of the Devil” because the description presumes something more organized than is the case.  It is difficult to organize when fear, hatred and anger are the primary motivations.  Love is a far more cohesive, creative and loyalty producing motivation.  All that Satan does is designed to destroy itself, as well as all those who follow him.

One thought on “The Kingdom of Heaven contrasted with Hell

  1. As I read this, my thoughts immediately went to a favorite scripture passage of mine, Ephesians 6 (specifically in verse 12), where I previously “remembered” Satan’s kingdom being referenced.

    Interestingly enough, it doesn’t say “kingdom”. Just “principalities” and “powers.” I just mixed in kingdom, because there are other passages where all three (kingdoms, principalities, & powers) are together. (D&C 128:23; D&C 132:19) Obviously these references are most definitely not about Satan, but about God and our possible inheritance. Thanks for making me look into this, I already love to read and ponder Ephesians 6 and the armor of God, but verse 12 just got a bit more insightful to me.

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